MBA1263 Guest Teacher: Ken Coleman – How to Use the Proximity Principle to go from Day Job to Dream Job

The career you want is closer than you think. It’s only as far away as the right people.

Today’s special guest teacher, Ken Coleman, believes that proximity is the key to moving forward. Whether you’re transitioning from side hustle to full-time entrepreneurship, or just getting into business for yourself, proximity is everything.

Find the right people, and you’ll effect real change.

So many people talk about getting into business for themselves full-time. Going from “talk” to “walk” is all about making the connections that’ll spur your growth. Coleman, a renowned author and podcaster, is here to share the details.

He’ll explain how to actually make the first few moves that lead to real-life progress. By positioning yourself correctly, you can do the things that most people only talk about. You can get over the scary part, and head down the path of independence — even if you’re not sure exactly where it leads.

Find out what (and who) to surround yourself with. Take it from a master in the art of actually doing the things so many people wish they could. Click Play!


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