MBA1266 Should You Be Using a Chat Bot on Your Site?

Whether it’s marketing, sales, onboarding, or support, communication is key. Enter the chatbot, considered by many to be a communications shortcut for your website.

They’re ubiquitous now: those little bottom-right corner bubbles that offer to answer questions and otherwise help a visitor along their journey. Thing is, they’re not human. They’re AI, with varying levels of sophistication — and varying levels of usefulness.

Are they really that helpful? Or are they the online equivalent of those annoying automated phone menus that just tick people off when all they want to do is talk to a human being?

Today, we discuss the benefits — and limitations — of chatbots. We’ll explain how they can supplement (but not really replace) actual human customer service. Properly utilized, a good chatbot can take the load of your service team, and ultimately make them more effective.

Plus, we’ll make some specific recommendations as to software we like. Make sure your website’s chatbot is helpful, not annoying. Click Play!


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