MBA1265 Q&A Wednesday: What have been your biggest regrets in business?

“I wish I had done that differently.”

It’s a phrase any entrepreneur with any real experience has thought, or said, more than once. Independent business is all about screwing up, learning from it, and applying the lesson. Here at the $100 MBA, we are no exception.

It’s Q&A Wednesday, and one listener wants to know what our biggest regrets are from over 18 years in business. Most of those regrets — unsurprisingly — come from the early years. Perhaps more surprisingly, we don’t regret things we did, or even things we didn’t do.

We regret the things we didn’t do sooner.

Tune in, and learn what we would’ve started sooner, if we’d known any better. If you’re just getting started, see what you can take from our regrettable late starts. It just might inspire you to move more quickly than we did. Click Play!


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