MBA1269 Do The Price Increase Experiment

Are you charging enough?

Entrepreneurs can get a little nervous about raising prices. But there’s a way to find out how high you can go that’s low-risk, high-yield, and potentially eye-opening. If your business needs an influx of revenue, consider doing a little experiment in price increase.

We’ll show you how.

You might worry that an increase will scare customers off. But in our experience, you’re just as likely to be shocked at how little people care, if the value of the product is there. With our system, you can test the waters safely, and know quickly whether a given increase will help or hurt.

With a little courage, some data, and a willingness to trust that your customers believe in your product as much as you do, you can widen those profit margins. Today, we offer step-by-step instructions on increasing, testing, and making the final decision.

A modest increase will mean a lot more to you than your customers. See how by conducting this simple experiment. Click Play!


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