MBA1273 Must Read: Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport

It’s time to clean up your digital life.

Digital distractions are deceptive. Because they don’t take up physical space, it can seem like they’re not overwhelming you the way, say, laundry or tchotchke can. But if random websites, social media platforms, and online services are wasting your time, they need to go.

Seriously — digital distractions are stealing time from your business.

This week’s Must-Read will show you how to clean house, and bring calm, focus, and productivity back into your day. Cal Newport is the authority on focus, having led the crusade against distraction since his seminal Deep Work. Now, he’s taking another swing at the distraction demon with Digital Minimalism.

Today, we discuss the key takeaways from this book. Learn how to compartmentalize, reduce, and be free of the online tchotchke that’s slowing you down. Click Play!


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