MBA1278 Guest Teacher: Heather Saffer- PR Hacking: How To Score Free PR Without Hiring An Expensive Publicist

You can’t just sell the product. You have to sell your story.

Heather Saffer is the queen of DIY public relations. Without any help from high-priced professionals, she managed to tell a tale that built a narrative foundation for her brand. As an entrepreneur, author, and reality TV personality, she’s mastered the art of being noticed — on her own terms.

With her homemade PR strategies, Saffer launched and guided a frosting (yes, frosting) empire to success. Since then, she’s taken the media-swaying lessons she learned along the way to those in need of a branding boost.

Today, Saffer stops by to explain how she made a name for herself. By committing to standing out from the rest of her niche, she was able to get the positive media attention that explodes brands. By putting herself at the forefront, she convinced people to believe in her product.

Learn how to articulate your own value, and get an incredibly helpful bonus gift from Saffer. Click Play!


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