MBA1280 Q&A Wednesday: Can I start a business without being the face of it?

We talk a lot about the importance of personal branding. But do you have to be the face of your business?

Yes and no.

It’s Q&A Wednesday, and one listener has a great product idea but no desire to stand in front of the crowd. Think of all the brands that succeed in large part because of a charismatic founder. Is it possible to just let the product shine and take a behind-the-scenes role? Does every business need a human face?

Can you sell without selling yourself?

Today, we explore the drawbacks of avoiding the limelight. While introverts can run successful business, that introversion poses challenges. Adapting to and overcoming those challenges is doable, though, with the right strategies.

Unfortunately for the intro-preneurs, a business with a reclusive founder is no longer viable in our hyper-connected, Internet-driven marketing reality. That said, you can show the audience what they need to see without overexposing yourself. Click Play!


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