MBA1378 Must Read: The Trillion Dollar Coach by Eric Schmidt

What’s a great coach worth?

Bill Campbell was a legend among legends. From coaching football to coaching the likes of Steve Jobs and Jeff Bezos, Campbell’s ability to get the absolute best out of people echoes across business today. 

In Trillion Dollar Coach, Campbell’s coach-ees unpack what made his coaching so effective — and how you can get the best from your own team.

This is a Must-Read for leaders of any kind, but especially business leaders. Trillion Dollar Coach is packed with lessons that apply to any industry, as it sharply defines the responsibilities and priorities of a truly impactful “coach.” Reading this had a profound impact on our own intrepid host (and coach), Omar, that he couldn’t wait to share.

Learn how to communicate, motivate, and get the best out of your team from possibly the greatest coach of all time. Hear what makes this book so truly important. Click Play!


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