MBA1282 Refining Your Messaging to Attract Your Ideal Customers + Free Ride Friday!

You don’t need to reach the most customers. You need to reach the right customers.

Big-tent marketing, reaching out to the widest audience possible, is a thing of the past. Modern marketing is all about targeted campaigns aimed at people who would love your product specifically. If you try to speak to everyone, you’ll speak to no one.

Rather than speaking louder, you’re going to speak the right language.

By choosing the right words, you’ll draw in the customers that stick around. By attracting the right people, you’ll reduce churn and maximize your chances of long-term success, not short-term attention. By blowing that dog whistle at the right frequency, you’ll bring in the keepers, not just the curious.

Learn how to articulate a message that inspires devotion from people who could really use your solutions. Earn lifers, not just clicks and exposure. We’ll show you how — Click Play!


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