MBA1283 Must Read: Lincoln on Leadership by Donald T. Phillips

We’re all great leaders when things are going well. But how does a great leader handle a crisis?

If you’re looking for an overall leadership model, you shouldn’t look any further than Abraham Lincoln. As President, he led his nation through the worst-case scenario: a necessary but devastating civil war. Along the way, he had to navigate divisions in his own team that were almost as deep as those between North and South.

How did he pull it off?

In Lincoln On Leadership, author Donald T. Phillips takes us through Lincoln’s decision-making process as he sought to reunite a country. Lincoln didn’t just have to beat the Confederate army; he had to sell his viewpoint, and get his own side of the war to execute his vision without resorting to coercion.

Lincoln managed and balanced conflicting viewpoints and personalities, with no guaranteed outcome. In business, you’ll face similar (if less dramatic) scenarios. Learn how one of history’s greatest leaders got the results that counted when everything was on the line. Click Play!


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