MBA1299 Are You Happy with Your Business?

If a question seems scary, it’s probably worth asking. So be honest — are you really happy?

This deep, fundamental question is a must-ask every so often. When you first get into independent business, the initial excitement is great. But that early buzz fades, and as the long-term reality of entrepreneurship sets in, you have to self-examine.

The good news? If the answer is no, you can fix it. Maybe there are certain aspects of entrepreneurship you don’t enjoy, even if you love running your own business. Maybe the right hire, or the right change in protocol, will make you fall in love with your biz all over again.

Then again, maybe not. 

Either way, it’s best to know. Today, we’ll discuss exactly how to get an honest answer from yourself, and what to do if you’re no longer on Cloud 9. The greatest benefit of entrepreneurship is the freedom to make your own choices — even the hard ones. Click Play!


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