MBA1298 Guest Teacher: Sarah Wirth- How to Use Feedback to Drive Improvement

Your team won’t improve on its own.

That’s the task of leadership: to get the best from your team by helping them grow. Sarah Wirth is a professional development expert with extensive coaching and corporate experience. Today, she’s here to show us how to deliver the kind of feedback that gets results — but doesn’t alienate your employees.

It takes some skill to be supportive and critical at the same time. To protect the investment you make in your employees, that skill is worth developing. 

By perfecting your feedback game, you can cut down on costly, wasteful employee turnover. You can create a work environment where your team feels challenged, but respected. With Wirth’s data-driven advice and specific action steps, you can keep it cool personally and professionally. 

Take Wirth’s tips, and watch your team thrive. Click Play!


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