MBA1306 Does Your Business Need a Sales Team?

Sales is changing. As business models evolve, and lean startups do more with fewer people, is the dedicated sales team a thing of the past?

It depends.

Today, we discuss when businesses need a full-time sales team, regardless of the product. In some cases, the ROI simply isn’t there. In others, it’s well worth the investment. We’ll help you decide whether your business would thrive best in a traditional sales team structure, or whether integrating sales into other job descriptions makes more sense.

It may be smarter and more efficient to let sales be an aspect of everything from product development to marketing. It might not take much “selling,” in the traditional sense, to move your product. Either way, the first step in ensuring great sales is figuring out which approach fits your market. 

Learn how to gauge where your business is on the “low touch” to “high touch” sales spectrum, and decide what resources to apply. Plus, we’ll offer tips on building your sales team efficiently, from the ground up. Click Play!


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