MBA1308 Guest Teacher: Justin Lokitz- How to Create a Go-To Market Strategy by Developing Multiple Business Model Options

Every entrepreneur tries to validate their product idea before they try to sell it. But what about validating your potential business model?

Today’s special guest teacher, Justin Lokitz, believes that business model validation is just as important as product idea validation. And just as the idea validation process can reveal tweaks or alternatives that improve your initial idea, your business plan should be flexible and open to improvement, too.

By arming yourself with a toolkit of different business model options, you can quickly adapt your marketing strategy to whatever works best. 

Lokitz is an author, speaker, and consultant with a flexible approach to business. He sees different marketing components as moveable pieces that can adapt to the market itself, as you test and validate strategies along the way. Today, he’ll explain (in great detail), how to create your own multi-optional framework.

Get the notepad out, friends. Today’s episode is a crash course, an in-depth lesson from a deeply knowledgeable expert. Plus, Lokitz has a special discount on his business model workshop for our listeners. Click Play!


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