MBA1309 Your Procedure When Someone Leaves Your Company

All things come to an end, including employment. When the inevitable parting of ways occurs, you shouldn’t just wing it. 

For the sake of your team, you need a plan.

Today, we discuss what procedures your business should have in place when someone moves on, retires, or has to be let go. Intentionally managing the effects of a departure on your team is smart business, and reinforces the kind of thoughtful, respectful company culture you want to instill.

We’ll explain how to handle the practical and emotional aspects of losing a team member — from changing passwords and managing access to protecting the feelings of all concerned. Having exit plans built into your company from the start will serve your business as it grows, but it’s just as important when your team is small and relationships are closer. 

Plan for amicable goodbyes. You won’t regret it. Click Play!


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