MBA1313 Guest Teacher: Anne Grady- Stop Reacting to Office Drama

Office drama is unavoidable. But how you respond to it is your choice.

Today, we have a ridiculously qualified guest teacher, Anne Grady. She’s a speaker, consultant, and academic with more expertise on the psychology of intra-office relations than just about anyone. Grady is here to explain  how to proactively head off the drama, and keep your workplace as low-stress as possible.

We don’t always think of it, but a leader’s first job is navigating human nature especially in business.

If you consider drama-quashing just another part of your job, it becomes much easier to manage conflicting personalities. Grady will discuss some of the science behind our emotional reactions to disagreement, and how to manage, rather than avoid, natural human tendencies towards drama.

Keep it real, not reality TV. Learn how to cultivate harmony and be a balanced, emotionally intelligent leader. Click Play!


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