MBA1312 Are You Ready To Start a Business? + Free Ride Friday!

Are you ready for this. Really ready?

Here at The $100MBA Show, we don’t sell “the dream.” We want our audience to go into business for themselves armed with the knowledge they need. Sometimes, that means asking extremely tough questions, and accepting the honest answers for better or worse. If you don’t go in confident and sure, things can end badly.

Today, we discuss 3 specific questions that must be asked and answered before you actually try to launch a business. 

With these questions, you can get a definitive answer as to your true readiness. Entrepreneurship is a massive, life-altering decision. Rather than encouraging every listener to jump in, we prefer to separate people into two categories: people who would like to run a business, and people who are ready to. 

Which are you?

Even if you’re not ready, you’ll have a better idea of what to do next. Maybe you’ll stick with a rewarding conventional job. Maybe you’ll take a few steps to get truly ready for entrepreneurship. Maybe you’re actually ready to go, and all you need is to know for sure. 

Either way, let’s find out! Click Play!


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