MBA1323 Guest Teacher: Shaan Patel- How To Build A 7-Figure Side Hustle Without Quitting Your Full-Time Day Job

Interested in entrepreneurship, but afraid to quit your day job? We’ve got incredible news: you don’t have to. 

This week’s special guest, Shaan Patel, built a multimillion-dollar business on the side, while working full-time as a doctor. He’s the cofounder of ClearHat digital marketing, a best-selling author, and a successful Shark Tank contestant — and he did it all without giving up his 9-to-5.

Today, Patel explains exactly what it takes to build a viable, profitable business in your spare time. From finding your niche, to marketing efficiently, to taking your first steps, Patel’s got the strategies that work. 

And yes, he also explains how to find the time!

You don’t have to risk it all to start your own business. With a little discipline, a little creativity, and a smart approach, you can venture into entrepreneurship without losing your stable income. Patel did it; others have done it. How about you? Click Play!


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