MBA1322 Where to Find Your Next Business + Free Ride Friday!

In many ways, the earliest phase of starting a new business is the most fun. The possibilities are endless. The sky’s the limit. The only boundaries are imagination. 

But eventually, you have to make a decision.

Today, we discuss some general, universal truths we’ve discovered in the course of founding multiple businesses. We’ll share what we’ve learned to best determine what’ll work and what won’t, from idea validation to business modeling. Whether you’re starting your first business, or moving on to your next, these tips are timeless.

We’ll explore some atypical options that you may not have considered, even if it’s not your first rodeo. From the philosophical to the practical, these tips can improve your chances of picking the right business to get into next. 

Every journey starts with Step One. Make sure yours is in the right direction: Click Play!


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