MBA1325 Q&A Wednesday: HELP! I have a huge project with no framework or instructions. Where do I start?

A big project is like a big meal: you can’t swallow it all at once. When the task before you is huge, where do you start?

It’s Q&A Wednesday! We’ve got a question from a listener with a conventional job, but a problem that’s very common in entrepreneurship. Our listener’s new boss wants her to implement a comprehensive new approach office-wide, but has left it completely up to her to decide how. 

When all you have is an endgame, finding the beginning can be tough.

Today, we explain how to turn a general goal into an actionable plan. From defining the goal more precisely, to establishing milestones, to measuring success, you can turn vague hopes into winning realities. We’ll discuss our listener’s specific task, and how to extrapolate her example to apply to any large undertaking — including starting a new business. 

You’ve got big ideas. Let’s turn them into results. Click Play!


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