MBA1418 Guest Teacher: Ashley Micciche – How To Value Your Business in 30 Minutes For Free

What’s your business worth?

Even if you’re nowhere near selling your business, it’s important to know. And thanks to today’s special guest teacher, it doesn’t take long to find out.

Ashley Micciche is the CEO of True North, a retirement advising firm. This means she takes the long view — helping business owners keep their eye on the endgame. Like any long-term goal, selling your business isn’t something you only start thinking about when the time comes.

Today, Micciche is here to help you pinpoint exactly where you are in the journey — quickly.

A simple valuation can take half an hour, with Micciche’s 8 key metrics and a very valuable online tool she’s giving our listeners access to. Hear the lesson, and get an accurate picture of your business. 

You can’t get where you’re going if you don’t know where you are — Click Play!


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