MBA1329 How to Reclaim Your Weekends

You busted your butt. You worked the long hours. You poured yourself into your business. Now, it’s going well.

Time to take some of that time back.

It may take some serious effort to get a startup started, but once that business is off the ground, you deserve to refocus on your own life and happiness. It’s way, way too easy to get stuck in the habit of overworking. Hell, it’s necessary at first. But you have to know when it’s time to enjoy the fruits of your (extraordinary) labor. 

Easier said than done, of course.

Today, we discuss how to gradually, safely, confidently take your hands off the wheel a bit, at least on the weekends. Pumping the brakes and slowing down the pace for yourself doesn’t mean slowing the pace of your growth or your business’ success. 

It means taking care of yourself, so that you’re in a condition to be a great long-term leader.

Learn how to make a smart, intentional transition into a semi-normal schedule that won’t disrupt you or your business. Reward yourself with the knowledge that you can kick back, relax, and take your mind off business for a bit, every week. Click Play!


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