MBA1328 Guest Teacher: Jaryd Krause-How To Buy Website Businesses Instead Of Building Them

You don’t need to start a business to be an entrepreneur. You just need to find one.

Sometimes, there’s an alternative path we just don’t see. Jaryd Krause saw one, as a working plumber who wanted to get into business for himself. Instead of creating a whole new operation from scratch, he got into the business of businesses — buying existing companies and turning them into largely passive income streams.

Today, Jaryd stops by to show us exactly how to hunt for that perfect pre-fab company.

The statistics make a compelling case for Jaryd’s approach; with most startups failing, acquiring something with a proven track record is a pretty intelligent strategy. Jaryd’s experience has shown him exactly what to look for in a pre-existing business, and how to find it. 

Tune in, and learn how to research, what to spend, and what questions to ask. This lesson is a perfect beginner’s guide to buying online businesses, for those who want to split the difference between the security of conventional employment and the risk of entrepreneurship. Click Play!


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