MBA1335 Q&A Wednesday: I am a business coach. What is the best laptop to buy?

Success requires the right tools. For entrepreneurs, tool #1 is usually the laptop. 

It’s Q&A Wednesday, and we’re helping one listener decide which laptop is best for her business. She’s an online coach, so her window to the online world will have a major effect on her business. 

With so many options and so many features available, the mind can boggle at the sheer variety of computers out there. Fortunately, we know a thing or two about online business, and the tech available.

Today, we’ll explain what really matters when it comes to laptops. From screen size to RAM to storage space, your choice has to fit your needs. Whatever your budget, there’s a laptop out there can help you reach your goals. You just have to distinguish it from the other (approximately) billion laptops on the market. 

Tune in, and hear what specs actually make a difference. Plus, we’ll share our favorite laptops at various price points — and don’t worry, these recommendations are sponsorship-free. Click Play!


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