MBA1336 Is Gated Content a Good Idea?

We usually think of content as something we give away. But should you be getting something in return, besides exposure?

Today, we discuss whether to build the wall — the paywall, that is. Or at the very least, whether you should require an email address or other opt-in to access your premium content. Does it deter people from accessing your content, and possibly being converted? 

Or does a gate have the opposite effect, signifying value and moving visitors closer to becoming customers?

Whether you host a podcast, create videos, or write guides and e-books, a solid gate may be ironic; rather than separating you from your audience, this barrier might actually bring people closer. When someone chooses to exchange something for content, they’ve bought more than access — they’ve bought in. 

Tune in, and decide if some of your content would be more effective if it wasn’t just given away. Click Play!


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