MBA1352 Are You Doing Your Job as CEO? + Free Ride Friday!

What’s a leader’s job?

As our business grows, we can find ourselves plateauing. That’s because a business founder has to make a difficult transition: at first, you’re the person responsible for everything. But ultimately, you have to let go of more and more responsibilities, handing them off so that you can focus on bigger, broader things.

And that can be hard as heck.

As CEO, refusing to let go of responsibilities will leave important things undone. Refusing to surrender your To Do list will take you away from CEO-specific priorities. If you can’t adapt to the new role that success hands you, you’ll stay exactly where you are — and that’s death for an entrepreneur.

Today, we discuss how to make the switch from “I got this” to “they got this,” and become the leader you aim to be. Omar would know; he’s learned to let our growing team take over one spinning plate after another, so he can keep his eye on the horizon.

And if he can do it, you can too. Click Play!


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