MBA1351 Does Your Offer Address the Biggest Pain Point?

Before you try to sell, ask yourself: what’s the point?

All products, and all marketing, should address the pain point. It’s about being customer-centric. Customers will choose your business if they think it offers the best cure for their pain. In other words, customers ultimately don’t want the most features or the coolest look or even the best price. 

They just want the best solution to their problem.

Customers don’t care how cool we think our products are. And despite our assumptions, price is definitely not the deciding factor most of the time. All sales start with a problem, with the “pain” of needing a product that does x, y, or z. This trumps every other feature or benefit. If you keep your eye on the pain, customers will choose you.

 A pain-centric approach will help you differentiate your business and make the best argument against the competition.

Tune in, and learn how to listen to your customers, not just pitch to them. Find out what’s hurting, and offer the fix. Articulate why — every other factor aside — your offer can cross one problem off their list. Click Play!


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