MBA1361 Why Every Company Is Becoming a Media Company

Billboards just won’t cut it anymore.

Today, it seems like every kind of company is investing in media: everything from books to series to full-on films, all for marketing purposes. Is it a wise investment? Does someone who sells shoes or auto parts or coding courses need a movie to convert their audience? 

Well, maybe.

It’s all about the impact of “touchpoint” marketing, and the need to give way more than the marketers of the past ever had to. Today, customers need more than a pitch: they need a narrative. Every cent (and every minute) you spend on media can come back to you tenfold, provided you execute wisely.

Today, we discuss how multimedia efforts add weight and momentum to all your other marketing efforts, and why even startups with beginner budgets can afford to make their mark with compelling media content. Click Play!


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