MBA1362 3 Things You Can Learn From Netflix as a Business + Free Ride Friday

Netflix…am I right?

I mean, they did it. They really did it. Netflix took a perfectly un-disrupted industry (movie rentals) and coolly demolished a corporate behemoth (remember Blockbuster?), seemingly without breaking a sweat. And before you knew it, they pivoted to pioneer an absolutely groundbreaking new way to deliver entertainment.

Was it luck? Was it some endless stream of financing? Was it the will of the Business Gods?

Of course not. It was strategy, courage, innovation, and no small amount of risk. Today, we explore the uniquely valuable, inventive business model that’s proved not just enduring, but culturally relevant and personally important to millions of consumers. 

More importantly, we dissect just how they did it.

We’ve distilled 3 distinct lessons the story of Netflix can teach any entrepreneur. By understanding the principles behind their success, you can emulate the Netflix approach and make your own disruptive mark on your corner of the market. Click Play!


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