MBA1374 Creating Your Presentation Slides For a Conference Talk

Got stage time at a conference? It’s time to perfect your deck.

If you’ve ever spoken at a conference, you know that the right slideshow can make all the difference. But too many people think that more is…well, more when it comes to your slides. They don’t realize that the best slides don’t say it all — they simply help you say it better. 

Today, we explain how to create efficient, stripped-down slides that get your ideas across and make them more  memorable. From content to formatting to length, we’ll help you design a presentation that lets you shine. 

How many slides, how much to put on them, how to prepare: in this episode, we cover it all. Plus, we’ll explain why the title is so crucial to your presentation, and how to nail it. Learn how to create a presentation that’ll make conference organizers happy, hook your audience, and boost your personal brand. Click Play!


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