MBA1375 Q&A Wednesday: Where should I start with running Facebook ads?

You’ve heard that Facebook ads work. You’ve also heard they can be expensive, time-consuming, and hard to understand.

Well, you heard right. But that doesn’t mean you can’t figure Facebook advertising out! It’s Q&A Wednesday, and we’re helping one listener tackle The Social Network, however imposing it might seem. Fortunately, we know how to test the waters of a Facebook campaign, and what initial steps a Facebook advertising noob should take.

First hint: you’re not necessarily advertising your product.

Today, we’ll explain what kinds of Facebook ads are best for beginners, and how to organize your first campaign for minimal risk and maximum return. We’ll discuss what to spend, how to spend it, and how to target the easiest conversions first. We’ll also recommend our favorite online tools that make Facebook advertising easier and more efficient.

If you’re not careful, you can lose significant money advertising on Facebook. But if you’re prepared, you can make every cent a “Like”-worthy investment. Click Play!


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