MBA1413 Must Read: Built To Last by Jim Collins

The 90’s gave us a few classics: Nevermind, Clueless, flannel in general. But for entrepreneurs, one classic work defined a new approach to business and echoed into the next century — even as the Internet changed everything.

That classic was Jim Collins’ Built to Last.

This genre-defining tome was a deep, extended study of 18 companies (think Sony, Amex, etc.) that absolutely murdered it in their industries. It identified common threads, characteristics that any company of any size can leverage to limitless success. 

Years of research preceded — and followed — this landmark look at what makes companies endure.

The best part? The fundamental principles that fueled these companies’ growth can work for anyone. Too often, independent entrepreneurs think that big business strategies don’t apply to small business. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The same ideas that made Sony a household name can give your business a long-term, even generational, impact. Don’t be afraid to dream big and swing for the fences. With the right principles in mind, the sky is truly your limit. Click Play!


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