MBA1414 4 Business Expenses You Should Never Go Cheap On

Yes, we all want our startups to be lean. Profit first, we always say. But like any fundamental truth, there’s an equal and opposite consideration you should never forget:

You get what you pay for.

Today, we’re discussing a few things you should never seek the lowest price on. Like a great pair of boots or the roof over your head, some necessities are better invested in for the long term, rather than found cheaply. The lowest price can end up costing your business, if the asset in question doesn’t do what you need.

Sometimes, the ROI is worth more than even the biggest price tag.

Some of these items may seem obvious (but not to everyone). Some may surprise you. But for any and all business types, these are the bits of overhead you should build your budget around. Spend as much as possible on these things, and your business will be rewarded.It’s always important for small businesses to save money where they can. It’s equally important to know when not to skimp. Make sure your money is well spent — Click Play!


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