MBA1416 Building a Chrome Extension Business

There’s apps — and then there’s Chrome extensions.

It’s a fantastic, emerging niche-among-niches. As Chrome becomes an ever more popular browser, the need for the Chromified version of this or that software become ever more important. Halfway between a cloud-based solution and a full-on app, Chrome extensions meet a need that’s more needed every day. 

It’s Google’s world. We’re just living in it.

For anyone who wants to get into the software business, a great Chrome extension could be the hidden avenue you haven’t considered. Today, we’ll discuss some incredible examples of Chrome extensions that — while less famous than some popular apps — are models of entrepreneurial success. 

We’ll explore what characteristics your Chrome extension needs to be successful, how to build it, and how to find the help you need. This could be the business you never knew you needed to get into. Click Play!


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