MBA1417 Low Cost Team Retreat Options + Free Ride Friday

Let’s start here: a retreat is not a frivolous expense.

For teams of all sizes, a retreat can have an incredible, valuable effect on motivation, cohesion, and productivity. It’s the definition of the term “investment:” something you spend money on because it will be worth it in the long run. 

But you don’t have to spend too much.

Today, we’ll discuss how you can put together a retreat on the most meager of budgets, if you’re willing to get creative. It doesn’t have to be elaborate. It can even be local. Whatever gets your team out of their normal working context and into a new adventure together can have the desired effect. 

And the effect is very, very, desirable.

We’ve got alternative retreat options for every budget, plus tips on how to get your team involved in the planning and decisions around your retreat. Especially for (increasingly popular) remote teams, getting everyone together for a little out-of-workplace experience can make a huge difference in how everyone works together.

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