MBA1428 Guest Teacher: Kenneth Aldrich – How to Create an Entrepreneurial Mindset

Skills don’t matter, without the right mindset.

There’s a ton of advice out there about what to do if you want to start and run a business. But there’s not enough about how to be, mentally and emotionally. If your frame of mind isn’t optimized, it doesn’t matter how great your product idea, marketing strategy, or SEO is. 

Call it woo-woo if you will-will. But there’s no substitute for an entrepreneurial mindset.

Kenneth Aldrich has built multiple companies, and financed dozens more. Some have succeeded — wildly. Others, not so much. You might think his decades of experience are his single greatest asset, but he might argue otherwise. 

He might argue that his mindset is what made all of it possible. Today, he’ll explain exactly where your head needs to be, and how to get it there.

There’s a million ways to be successful, but all successful entrepreneurs have the mindset in common. It’s one of the fundamental differences between entrepreneurs and people with normal jobs — and it’s the foundation of any independent business’s success.

Of course, you don’t just stumble onto the right mindset. You cultivate it. Mental conditioning for business is like physical conditioning for athletes. It’s something you choose to do every day. On today’s episode, Aldrich offers some “exercises” to get you there.

It might sound philosophical, practicing the right mindset is as necessary to entrepreneurship as building an email list. Tune in, and learn how. Click Play!


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