MBA1429 Why You Should or Shouldn’t Change Your Brand Name

To rebrand or not to rebrand? That is the question. Today, anyway.

If you feel like you chose the wrong name for your business, or something about your business name is holding you back, it might be time to rechristen. But you can’t do so without considering the costs — and not just in terms of dollars and cents.

Sometimes, it can be better to keep a…less-than-ideal name, especially if you’ve already sunk a certain amount of time and resources into it. It all comes down to a simple cost/benefit analysis of how a name change would affect your budget, your online presence, your overall marketing, and more.

Spoiler alert: rebranding involves more than a redirect from your website URL.

Today, we’ll discuss all the arguments for and against rebranding. There are several examples of rebranded businesses out there, some more successful than others. There’s even one that turned back, un-re-branding itself when they realized the price was too high.

If you’re considering a fresh handle, do the research first. Make sure that whatever you decide, your business can move forward no matter what you call it. Click Play!


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