MBA1434 Do You Need to Work More Than 40 Hours a Week to Be Successful?

Is hustling effective? Does more work mean more results?

Maybe not. Today, we’re discussing the math on work hours. While it might seem logical to assume that more work = more success, that approach forgets a key principle of productivity: working smart, not just hard.

Which brings us to the “standard” work week of 40 hours.

Is independent success really possible within that limit? Do entrepreneurs need to put in more hours than everyone else to make it? It’s time to get brutally honest, and explore the relationship between the quality of our work and its quantity. 

The truth is this: every sacrifice of your time has diminishing returns. You can accomplish more in a  few focused hours than an entire day of burnt-out, bedraggled slogging. That doesn’t mean you don’t have to put in the hours — especially at the beginning — but it does mean you have to keep a careful eye on the cost/benefit ratio of your time investment.

Finding a balance between time and effort is the key to real productivity. Tune in, and let’s figure out how much you should really be working. Click Play!


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