Prepare for launch! Actually, scratch that. We need to start even further ahead, with a pre-launch strategy.

It’s Q&A Wednesday, and one listener is wondering how to maximize their launch by marketing well in advance. This doesn’t just apply to the debut of your whole business; product launches, updates, and other milestones all require the same planning to get maximum results.

A launch is an opportunity — one that’s wasted if you don’t seed the ground.

Today, we’ll discuss how to build buzz, grow and stoke the audience, and tee yourself up to capitalize on Launch Day. While we often think of launches as a beginning, smart entrepreneurs treat launches as the culmination of something as well. 

This episode is your pre-launch guide. Before you announce anything new in your business, make sure the news hits the right people in the right way. Otherwise, you miss the chance to leverage a rare and special event for growth. Click Play!


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