MBA1464 Are You Willing to Redo It All?

Get back in the saddle — even if you never fell out.

Sometimes, we put our whole selves into building a business or product, only to watch it bomb. That’s normal. In fact, that’s good. Failure isn’t just a rite of passage in entrepreneurship. It’s a required lesson, and a necessary stepping stone to success.

You just have to be willing to go another round.

That said, we’ve all heard the old saying about insanity and expecting different results. Today, we’ll discuss how to make sure that your “do over” is a “do better.” With examples from our own failures, as well as much bigger missteps from much bigger companies, we’ll explore how taking another swing is always the right move.

Unless you’re ridiculously lucky, don’t expect to get business right on your first try. 

Instead, build a bounce-back mindset. And even if your business is doing great, you definitely want to re-do some things in advance — before you grow stagnant. Click Play!


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