MBA1463 Must Read: The Five Minute Journal by Alex Iconn

This week, you’re writing the Must-Read book.

We couldn’t resist. After using The Five Minute Journal by Alex Iconn for a while, we just had to recommend it — even if it’s not a “book” per se. It’s an app, or a hardcover analog journal if you prefer, that helps you get focused, grow, and enjoy life a little more.

Given the size of the investment (we actually do it in less than 5 minutes each day), it’s definitely worth your time to use this book.

Today, we discuss what you can expect to get out of this journal, and why it’s perfect for people who hate journaling (like our host, Omar). Completely different from your childhood diary, The Five Minute Journal is a tool for creating good habits — that doesn’t ask much from you.

Hear how this book can lead to increased well-being, and progress towards your personal or business goals. Click Play!


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