MBA1468 Guest Teacher: Chris Meroff – How To Develop A Company Culture That Fulfills Every Employee

Company culture isn’t something we always think about. And when we do, it’s often…after-thinking.

But it matters.

If you don’t intentionally build a culture, that lack of intention becomes your culture. And in a culture like that, there’s no way to get real and lasting buy-in from team members. It’s always about more than just the job and the pay. 

It’s about personal fulfillment.

Today, special guest Chris Meroff is here to explain exactly how to make every employee feel valued, heard, and respected. Think that’s all fluff and woo-woo? Once you see the difference between emotionally committed employees and those who just collect a check, you’ll understand what a difference fulfillment makes. 

Whether you’ve got a tiny team, or dozens of employees, you can learn how to do this. Once you do, your team will recognize it for what it is: the truest form of leadership. Click Play!


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