MBA1481 How to Use Automated Webinars to Sell Your Online Course

Ready to extend your reach way beyond your daily working hours? If you have a course to sell, there’s a method that can save you a ton of time and energy, all while bringing in passive leads and sales.

Automated webinars.

Some people call them “evergreen” webinars. Whatever the name, they’re more than just videos. They’re pre-recorded interactive lessons, optimized to generate leads, sales, or both. And they work! You can build your authority and sell your course around the clock.

…but only if you do these webinars right. So many people do them so, so wrong.

Yes, we also own a webinar software company. So we’ve seen what makes these increasingly popular lessons work – and what makes them totally crash and burn. Today, we’ll share the most important Do’s and Dont’s — no matter what software you use.

Learn the unique advantages that automated webinars have, and the key elements necessary to make them effective. Your course is about to sell to a whole new group of people. Click Play!


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