MBA1484 3 Tough Lessons I’ve Learned in The Past 12 Months

This is how we screwed up.

Every mistake carries the gift of a lesson. Learning those lessons makes those mistakes valuable — to you, and anyone who can learn from you. To get the most value out of our stumbles, blunders, and fails over the last 12 months, we’re discussing them here – for you!

Let’s call them…learnable moments.

Most of these cringe-inducers happened because at the time, we weren’t mindful enough to see what was happening. By the time we realized, some damage had been done. Now, we’ll describe the warning signs so you can avoid learning the way we did: the hard way.

That’s the thing about the really valuable lessons: they’re not just hard to learn. They’re hard to recognize.

Of course, these lessons look more obvious in hindsight. But evaluating them now, publicly, will help us see the next big lesson coming — and hopefully, we learn them a little sooner this time. 

See what you can learn from our helpful misadventures. Click Play!


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