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MBA2359 Must Read: 80/20 Rule by Richard Koch

So, what exactly is the 80/20 Rule? It’s a concept that highlights how focusing on a few vital inputs can generate the majority of your results. In other words, 20% of your efforts will deliver 80% of your outcomes. 

Omar dives into the transformative power of the 80/20 Rule, as explained in the book The 80/20 Principle by Richard Koch. This principle can revolutionize your efficiency, effectiveness, and overall success in business and life. 

Let’s break down the 80/20 Rule, explore its historical roots, its relevance in the digital age, and most importantly, how you can practically apply it to your business. Plus, we’ll explore resource allocation, leveraging your strengths, and making strategic decisions based on the 80/20 Rule. Click Play!


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80/20 Rule by Richard Koch