MBA1514 Why Now Is The Best Time to Create More Content

Whether you blog or vlog, work in words or graphics, it’s time to turn the content machine up to 11. 

Like, now.

It’s not just a way to pass the time while we’re all cooped up inside. For all the downsides, the current lockdowns aren’t just a way to save lives — they’re a business opportunity no entrepreneur should ignore. You not only have time to create more content; your audience has more time to consume it, engage, and take action.

Of course, you should have a plan.

Today, we’ll discuss how to  create a production schedule that keeps you consisten, and build up your content marketing asset stockpile. We’ll identify 3 reasons it’s so crucial to ramp up content production now, and how the effects of doing so will last long after the pandemic is over. Click Play!


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