MBA1530 Q&A Wednesdays: So many things to improve in my business. Which one first?

Analysis Paralysis: it’s that frozen feeling you get when there’s so much to do, you can’t do any of it. 

Sometimes, just knowing where to start is the first challenge, and the key that unlocks all your forward progress. When your business has multiple areas in need of help, what’s the priority? What takes precedence when everything seems important?

How can you be sure? 

It’s Q&A Wednesday, and we’ve got a listener who just doesn’t know where to begin. He wants to take action, but for every problem he tackles, others go un-tackled in the meantime. 

Today, we’ll help put it all in order.

There’s a single question you can ask yourself to make a valid decision about what needs your attention most, and soonest. Once you ask it, you won’t only have a place to start, you’ll have the confidence to proceed with less anxiety about everything else —  all of which you’ll get to in due time.

Businesses are many-headed hydras, and entrepreneurship is a never-ending game of problem solving. By embracing the challenge, anyone can look at a laundry list of problems, improvements, and fixes with a calm and proactive approach.

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