MBA1538 Guest Teacher – Matt Johnson – How To Use Podcast Interviews To Build Relationships.

Get on a podcast. Now.

It doesn’t have to be this one. But the value of being heard on a good podcast goes way beyond the exposure and brand awareness you stand to gain. In fact, this week’s special guest teacher might argue that the networking opportunities you get are just as valuable.

Or maybe even more so.

Matt Johnson is a podcast marketing expert who helps other entrepreneurs get on the virtual air. Today, he’ll explain what you need to do in addition to being a great podcast guest, in order to leverage your appearance into potentially game-changing networking wins.

Tune in, and learn the real value of being on a podcast. Discover a few relatively simple steps you can take once you’ve booked yourself to turn every conversation into a huge boost for your business. 

Plus, do so in a way that’s genuine, appreciated, and doesn’t seem all…thirsty. Click Play!


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