MBA1570 Q&A Wednesday: Who should be my first hire?

Solo no mo’. 

It’s Q&A Wednesday, and we’ve got a listener who’s finally making enough revenue to double the size of their one-person team. The only problem? This soon-to-be-former solopreneur isn’t sure what position to fill.

What’s the priority? 

Your first hire is a big investment (and commitment). It’s crucial to find someone that doesn’t just do a job, but maximizes the ROI of their salary —  and frees you up to do more. So who can get the most off your plate? A marketer? Salesperson? Developer?

We know what our answer is.

Hear who we think a small business owner should hire first, in almost every case. There’s one position that — regardless of industry — usually has the biggest impact on an entrepreneur’s ability to keep the company growing. 

Find out who it is, for our money anyway. Click Play!


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