MBA1770 Q&A Wednesday: Should I start my software company without a co-founder?

Can non-tech people run successful tech startups?

It’s a common question. As co-founder of a SaaS business, our host Omar is a pretty good example of what non-techies can do in the software game. 

But he’s not doing it alone, of course.

It’s Q&A Wednesday, and we’re helping one listener who’s got the basics in place. There’s a software product, a solid group of beta testers, and experience in business. 

But he’s just not sure if he can scale without an expert co-founder.

Tune in as we discuss the ups and downs of running a software company with only average engineering chops. We’ll explain why it can work, what can go wrong, and what you’ll need.

Learn from our experience with this exact question. Click Play!


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